Sarah Davidson


the scrap collector
Gam Gallery
Sept 9 - Oct 15, 2016

Moving between drawing, painting, collage and sculpture, Sarah Davidson’s “the scrap collector” is a series of works that elicit the curiosity and study of an amateur natural historian. Fragments of abstract forms and fleeting imagery are carefully laid on paper or suspended like specimens within a floating frame. Using history books or her own photographs as reference material, Davidson’s work is a puzzle presented for the viewer to decipher. In this shared experience between the artist and the public, narratives of time, space and memory are created in the play between shape, colour and line. As a collection, the works are both playful and pointed: they appeal through their delicate humour, wrapping art historical references in webs of ornamental marks. Beyond the historical, the works evoke the character of the scrap collector as she records her own experiences of place, reconfigured as a series of shapes that hover between affect and archive.

photos: Lukas Engelhardt