Sarah Davidson


Carolina Benitez, Sarah Davidson, Ryan Grover, HaeAhn Kwon, Colin Miner, Emmanuel Osahor, Dana Slijboom, Alex Tedlie-Stursberg, Soft Turns, SUM, Susannah van der Zaag, Laurence Veri, and Allanah Vokes. Curated by Daniel Griffin Hunt & Emma Welch
The Plumb, Toronto
March 12 - April 8, 2021

BLOOMDOOMROOM is an exhibition about flowering, fruiting, ecological fall-out, late stage environmental capitalism and art at the end of days.

Exhibition text  available here

SUM artist publication was designed and produced by Brennan Kelly in conjunction with the exhibition, with contributions by: Cookie Brunel, Sarah Davidson, HaeAhn Paul Kwon Kajander, Shannon Garden-Smith, Graham Landin, Lucas Regazzi, Mohammad Rezaei, Sonja Ratkay, Alex Tedlie-Stursberg, Connor Willumsen. Full colour print on salmon newsprint, 16 pages, edition of 200.